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What does WEXHE aim to achieve?

Labor market orientation in European HE context has become a highly debated topic due to the ever increasing concerns raised by the graduates and employers alike. The mismatch between the skills set of the students and the competences desired in the labor market is evident in many countries across Europe, which poses serious challenges in the employment of graduates, as well as the quality of performance they have in their early careers.

Despite the number of HE policies introduced, including 2011 EU Modernization Agenda, and Europe 2020 Strategy, ET2020 Strategy, the European Youth Strategy to draw attention to the vitality of the development generic and transferable skills, and in the operational level, recognition of work placement or internships as essential elements of study program curriculums, the practices vary greatly between the countries and implementation is limited with only certain study fields.

Within this context, the outcomes of the WEXHE project intend to offer a catalyser for renewed policy development and the integral inclusion of WBL in regular HE programmes. In this respect special attention is offered to two aspects which require further stimulus: entrepreneurial skills – particularly for countries with high unemployment – and the Humanities sector which attracts high number of students, but for which the educational perspectives are less defined.

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