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Creative Path to Knowledge: Slovenian approach to innovative learning

Creative Path to Knowledge is a programme that aims to connect students, companies and education faculties. The programme was created that students could gain competences and experiences that are needed for transitioning from school into working life. The purpose of programme implementation is to promote strengthening of cooperation and integration of higher education system with the environment (economy, non-economy), implementation of models of open and flexible learning pathways between education and business and social environment. The focus is on students to find creative and innovative solutions to practical challenges in the corporate sector. Mentors offering expert support guide these students. At the same time transfer of academic knowledge is carried out by promoting the mutual exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices of university teachers and experts from (non)economy. The programme is supported by the Ministry of education, science and sport and the European social fund.


Objectives of the programme are:

  • using an innovative, problem and collective approach to solving practical problems, which will enable students to develop competences, acquire practical knowledge and experience;
  • encouraging innovation, creative thinking, entrepreneurial mindset and subject specific competences in the field of study and skills from other disciplines to improve the employability of students and to promote the creation of new jobs;
  • to facilitate the exchange of expertise by encouraging the transfer of knowledge to higher education institutions and the (non)economy, which contributes to strengthening the long-term integration of higher education institutions with the (non)economy and consequently adapting the education system to the needs of the (non)economy.


The project Usage of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in civil protection at the municipal level was part of the programme. The project provides an example of good practice of interdisciplinary cooperation between students, companies and higher education institution. It was carried out by the students of defence studies, law and geodesy in cooperation with the municipality of Końćevje and two companies. The project group highlighted some aspects (in addition to military operations) where RPAS could be used: e.g. search for missing persons (with thermal camera), control over the crowd (e.g. migratory wave, demonstrations), analysis of traffic accident, flood monitoring, freezing rain, land use planning, predicting the effects of potential natural disasters etc. The group found that RPAS is particularly useful where communication is difficult.

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May 23, 2017

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