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Provision of Work Based Learning at the level of HEIs: Reflections from Poland

The idea of work-based learning, supporting youth employment is not very popular in Poland. WBL practices started in 2013, with NETWBL Project, executed by Polish Agency of the Life Long Learning Programme. Considering diversified forms of WBL in Poland, HE focuses not only on dual system, popular e.g. in Germany, but it also includes such forms as internship in companies, internship in designated training workshops, virtual companies, etc. Today, after four years, WBL is still limited to very few initiatives, especially considering higher education facilities level. Within the WEXHE project we will identify those initiatives and promote functioning models.

Existing limited interest in WBL in Poland provide good opportunity for implementation of WEXHE models. Reform of the Polish academic institutions in 2010 brought limited results. Due to stronger impact of the presence of Polish researchers in international publication, we’ve increased the number of citation of Polish scientists. Simultaneously the cooperation of academic institutions with business, especially in the area of training future employees, is not sufficient. Therefore new regulation in the area of business-academia cooperation is planned. Especially stronger presence of social partners, including business, in the area of elaboration of the University curriculum, is expected. Results of WEXHE project would have significant impact on planned changes in regulatory framework.

There is a lot of literature and research on the WBL but most of them concern middle education level, especially basic vocational and technical schools. On this phase of realisation of the Project our main concern is to identify appropriate number of experts, especially in hard-applied and hard-pure area.

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