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KOLEKTOR as a best practice example in WBL

Kolektor boasts tradition in highly specialised industrial production. It cooperates with the faculties of mechanical and electrical engineering of the two largest Slovenian universities. In the group, much focus is placed to employees and their professional growth. Training & education process in the Kolektor group operates by two basic principles, as follows:

  • training & education of future employees, divided into two parts: granting of scholarships and additional education prior to concluding of an employment contract;
  • training and educating of the already employed people: training of new workers, schooling with work to acquire adequate formal education grade, and functional training.

Kolektor cooperates with the Inštitut Jožef Stefan of Ljubljana. Every year the group grants scholarships for schooling in secondary schools and in faculties of technical and social science branch of study. Pupils and students can complete their practice, elaborate term papers and final theses.

Can this case be considered an example of ‘good’ WBL practice? 

The company places great emphasis on the professional development of students – some of them as future employees – via scholarship schemes and through work-based learning. All students who are granted a company scholarship are employed for at least one year. Within this year, the company assesses whether the potential employee fits the needs of the company. If students show considerable potential, a job position may be offered.

Building relationships with students and supporting their education is considered as an important aspect of Kolektor. This is also evidenced through their mentorship programme through which employees with excellent competencies transfer knowledge and provide guidance to students. Kolektor has also set-up a student group at the UL in 2001 that employs between eight and ten students from mechanical and electrical engineering. This group is part of the company’s research unit. It serves as a recruitment tool for future engineers, especially students of the third and fourth year of their study programmes, through including them in projects.

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September 12, 2017

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