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Practical training for students – Alt plus


This month in our blog we are hosting an “innovative language service”, Altplus, as one of the good practices of student WBL experience from Slovenia.

Alt Plus aims to provide high quality translations by using advanced technology for computer assisted translation. This computer technology and university educated translators specialised in different fields enable them fast and affordable execution of projects and even better control over the quality of translations. Alt plus considers itself to be more than just a translation company, offering training to introduce the latest translation technologies to a wider range of translators.

The company has a signed agreement on the practical training of students of the Department of Translation Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. At Alt Plus, they carry out practical training for future masters of translation with the emphasis on the use of state of the art tools for computer-assisted translation and management of translation processes. Cooperation with the faculty is on-going for many years. Every year the company offers a work placement for 2-3 foreign language students. The placement usually lasts up to three weeks. In that time, students gain specialized translation, professional, linguistic and technological knowledge required to become a translator.

Can this case be considered an example of ‘good’ WBL practice?

Students, under the guidance of mentors and the entire team, start translating simpler texts and finish with more demanding ones. In this way, they become socialised in the way and culture of company’s work. The company offers the best students the opportunity to pursue student work, traineeship or employment.

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October 19, 2017

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