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Work Placement for Students in Hard Applied Sector with DEWESoft

While the majority of hardware developing companies design tools starting with the device and ending with the user experience, DEWESoft,  an international provider of data measurement devices with its headquarters in Slovenia, takes an opposite approach. DEWESoft places the human element at the heart of their vision. The company practices it externally, with its customers, and internally, with its staff. Apart from developing its own in-house talent with educational opportunities, DEWESoft opens its doors for the outsiders – the students – to learn from DEWESoft best practices and gain invaluable practical experience.

DEWESoft engages in such “open door” practices for students, which can also be referred as work-based learning (WBL), for the past 3 years continually. In its majority, the students undertake their work placements or summer students work, but also write a practice-oriented diploma or bachelor thesis. Most of the students work in the software department. There are between 20-25 students experiencing practical aspect of their specializations at DEWESoft. As a follow-up, around 5-10 % are offered a permanent employment after their time at the company is finalized.

DEWE Soft WBL practices allow the students to get connected with the world of practice and enhance chances of their graduate employability. Importantly, it also ensures the inflow of the best talent, new expertise and inspiration to the company. To support the local youth talent and its entrepreneurial activities further, DEWESoft accelerator (Katapult) next to the company, which serves as a centre for start-ups. On one hand, the company helps start-ups to succeed; on the other, it helps to recognize the talent.






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February 13, 2018

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