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Check Out the New Issue of the WEXHE Journal

The WEXHE Project consortium greets the long-awaited summer season with a new issue of its bi-annual journal, dedicated to showcase project outputs and further explore the work-based learning (WBL) landscape in Europe. In this issue, we share with you some of the selected best practices from our partner countries, and take you on a journey around the wider WBL scene in Europe, while illuminating other ERASMUS+ projects that contribute to the development of entrepreneurial spirit across the borders.

In the first section, you can take a peek into a UK apprenticeship programme that promotes learning at the workplace. Next you can learn about the Barometer of University Employability in Spain and some of the major findings from the WEXHE study as presented by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Finally, don’t miss the WEXHE ENQA report on the quality assurance of WBL in European higher education.

This issue also features some of the best practice examples of WBL in several EU countries. Our selection from Germany, Poland, Slovenia, and the Netherlands includes the Applied Cultural Entrepreneurship seminar offered at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the dual-degree programme in Mechanical Engineering at Münster University of Applied Sciences, Domel Holding traineeships in Slovenia and the Modern Business Management Initiative offered by the Polish Bank Association ZBP.

To complement the WBL practices in the WEXHE landscape, we invite you to gain insights through several examples from the largest University-Business Cooperation Study in Europe. Read how Technocampus located in Mataro, Spain, promotes innovative teaching and attempts to bridge the gap between businesses and students, or how the University of Zagreb ensures their students’ transition from higher education to the labour market through their Student Support and Career Development Center.

Additionally, we introduce you to another Erasmus+ Project “Embedding Entrepreneurship Education” and its major outcome – the Entrepreneurship Teaching Toolkit that aims to provide you with practical materials to educate future entrepreneurs, embedded within the higher education curriculum.

We trust that this edition of the journal will keep you updated about the current state-of-the-art of the WBL practices in Europe and motivate you to promote good practices in your region.

You can access the latest and the previous e-WEXHE Journals via the links below:

Issue #1: e-WEXHE_Journal_Issue_1_2017

Issue #2: e-WEXHE_Journal_Issue_2_2018

Issue #3: e-WEXHE Journal_Issue_3_2018

We wish you a pleasant reading!

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