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New Issue of WEXHE Journal is Out!

The WEXHE Project consortium greets the long-awaited spring of 2019 with brand new issue of the WEXHE Journal, dedicated to showcasing the project’s outputs and further exploring the work-based learning (WBL) landscape in Europe. Since our last publication in July, great progress has been made on the development of the replicable models for implementing entrepreneurship, traineeship and work placement programmes by universities and businesses – the packages will be out soon. Stay Tuned! In the meantime, this issue highlights the best case examples from each category, that we have discovered in the WEXHE project regions. We invite you to dive into a collection of the stories that illustrate successful WBL practices through entrepreneurship initiatives, traineeships and internship programmes from across Europe.

In the first section, you can get acquainted with the initiatives that foster the development of entrepreneurial skills of the students in various learning environment. Read how Ljubljana’s University Incubator aims to transform the innovative business ideas into a viable start-up. or how Venture Club Münster, initiated and run by students, promotes entrepreneurship in the region. Learn how “Discovery Panel” at the Munich School of Business switches the focus of entrepreneurships training from sole “idea generation” to a more practical “idea implementation”. Finally, do not miss the Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition – an inspiring case in which “everyone is a winner in so many ways”.

Our selection of the cases that focus on work placements will transport you to sunny Spain, where University Carlos III of Madrid serves as an example of the university that successfully integrates “curricular practices in companies”. This section will also take you on a journey around Poland where “Orange is the New Smart” – the Polish Telecom Giant Orange’s work with Kozminski University to better prepare students for the labour market. Explore how the University of Warwick introduces practice-learning training in social work in their Master Programme.

In the traineeship section, learn how enthusiastic graduates face the real-life challenges and support the Municipality of Hollands Kroon in undertaking change whilst developing their professional skills. Additionally, take a peek at how a multiple award winning company Cosylab, d. d., Control System Laboratory provides motivated students with the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge in to practice.

Last but not least, we host an initiative of the SAPS project funded by the Erasmus+ Support for Policy Reform programme, which aims to improve the perception of SMEs of the benefits of engaging apprentices from Professional Higher Education (PHE) Institutions and Technocampus in Mataro, Spain, that promotes innovative teaching and attempts to bridge the gap between businesses and students.

We trust that this edition of the journal will keep you updated about the current state-of-the-art of the WBL practices in Europe and motivate you to promote good practices in your region.

Please download March 2019 issue of WEXHE Journal here .




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March 7, 2019

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