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Lek: Opening Doors for Students into The World of Innovative Company Culture

Lek is a part of Sandoz Group, Novartis division of generic pharmaceutical medicine, pioneer in the field of similar biological medicine and second largest producer of generic medicine in the world. It is a Slovenian based company with the European and global spirit. It focuses on connecting customers, development, production and distribution of effective, safe and high-quality medicines, ranging from standard generics through contemporary biosimilar medicines.

In Lek, they believe that “talent management starts with identifying the right employees for individual roles. It continues with gaining appropriate work experience, learning, training and personal development.” Company offers various forms of work-based learning activities for students, graduates and new employees. Study areas typically include pharmacy, chemistry and biotechnology. Lek provides work placements, even though it is not unusual that it progresses to student work and/or traineeship. The company strongly encourages students to first finish their studies and only then return to Lek. Papers and master theses supervised by the company and university mentors are part of work-based learning processes.

For students, the purpose of work placements in Lek is to enrich theoretical knowledge with practical skills and acquire their first working experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Students learn about work processes and get invited into company activities. Lek offers about 100 work placements per year to all students who would like to learn about the company, their work and innovative organisational culture. Work placements usually take between three to four weeks and are conducted as part of a mandatory work experience acquired during their study programs.

Work placements are implemented in accordance with the study program regulations and instructions of the faculty (e.g. Biotechnical Faculty) and in line with the needs of the company as well. Students who have successfully completed their compulsory work placement are included into the list of candidates for vacant positions.

Main photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

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September 10, 2019

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