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Entrepreneurship Package

The Entrepreneurship Package is composed of content discussing three approaches – entrepreneurship promotion, business creation, and innovation enhancement – identified through the analysis of WEXHE case studies of good practice. Entrepreneurship cases are not bound to workplace environments, nor aimed specifically at current or graduated students. What differentiates entrepreneurship from the other modes of delivery is that it is innovation-driven and/or project-driven.

The Entrepreneurship Promotion Package


The Entrepreneurship Promotion Package is based on information from actual entrepreneurship cases, which are practiced in various work environments in seven EU countries (Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom), and on information from other relevant projects and literature.

It is expected that students already are equipped with some up-to-date competences in their professional fields of study. However, in order to promote entrepreneurial culture and develop students’ entrepreneurial skills and competences special courses and special pedagogical approaches and methods are required. Students should be encouraged to call upon their entrepreneurial spirit and to explore, elaborate and present their business ideas. By doing so, students will develop their entrepreneurial competences, will mature in risk taking and apply some theoretical knowledge in practice.

Downlod our package in the link: Entrepreneurship Package – Promotion Approach

Business Creation Package


The Business Creation Package deals with business creation at universities and their foundations, career centres, incubators, technological parks, accelerators and similar supportive institutions.

Business creation activities usually start where entrepreneurship promotion activities end. They are focused on further elaborating and fine tuning business ideas and business plans, on registering  new businesses, on providing  space, material and human resources to start the production, on creating or further elaborating prototypes and setting up production processes,  marketing and sales activities, fund raising etc. For all these activities new entrepreneurs need a supportive environment which universities and specialised supportive institutions can provide.

Download our package in the link: Entrepreneurship Package – Business Creation Approach

Intrapreneurship/ Innovation Enhancement


This package deals with setting up intrapreneurial training activities aimed at innovation enhancement. Intrapreneurship is understood here as activities focused on innovation of work processes in an existing organisation. Initially the aim is not to establish new businesses but to improve and enrich existing products, services, technological and organisational processes. It is based on the belief that individuals do not need to establish their own enterprises in order to be entrepreneurial and innovative. On the contrary, employers expect employees to acquire entrepreneurial and innovation enhancing competences during their study period and to demonstrate these during their work. It is a challenge for universities to identify and develop the entrepreneurial competences in their students. In this respect universities usually focus on the development and delivery of appropriate courses which are offered to students, and on several active approaches to teaching, studying and training including project work.

Download our package in the link: Entrepreneurship Package – Innovation Enhancement Approach

Suggested Case Study Readings

The following articles capturing the Entrepreneurship practices of selected HEIs are developed based on the WEXHE project good practice case study reports prepared for and with each institution. Please go to the links below or click to the carousel images to acceess the content.

Projectstudium: A new model of student internship

YUZZ-Explorer: Maximising the entrepreneurial potential of youth in the Cantabria region and beyond

BSEEN: A Kick-off Platform For Young British Entrepreneurs

Co-Challenge: The Utrecht’s program that empowers students to tackle social challenges

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