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Work Placement Package

The Work Placement Package is composed of content discussing three work placement approaches – integrated approach, clearing house / intermediary approach, and corporate approach – identified through the analysis of WEXHE case studies of good practice. The cases identified by WEXHE covering a range of different countries, show a great variety of placement forms,  even though they are limited to learning and training of university students in real work environments, i.e., at the workplaces carrying out meaningful workloads.

Integrated Approach to Work Placements


This package deals with the integrated approach, which could be considered as the most advanced/ complete and complex one. It is based on the idea of work-integrated learning which is learning that comprises a range of programs and activities in which the theory of the learning is intentionally integrated with the practice of work through specifically designed curriculum, pedagogic practices and student engagement… The keys to successful engagement in either approach include clear information, ongoing communication, flexibility with approaches, committed and skilled teachers who support students, engaged students, the involvement of intermediary organisations to organise and facilitate activities, and commitment of business and education leaders to drive work-based learning and work-integrated learning in their communities and companies” (Atkinson, 2016). The integrated approach can serve as an ideal approach to implement work placements. It is feasible if all involved partners are highly committed to its implementation.

Download our package in the link: Work Placement Package – Integrated Approach

Clearing House/ Intermediary Approach to Work Placements


This package deals with the clearing house/ intermediary approach. Its main characteristic is that universities and employers establish special foundations or similar non-profit institutions/ agencies, such as career centres, and authorise them to take care for work placement. Such an agency can provide services not only for multiple employers but also for more than one university. These institutions step in between universities and employers and play a clearing house role in terms that they provide information on students interested in work placement and on work placement posts offered by employers. They also provide services that enable effective matching of students and placement posts as well as high quality work placements.

Download our package in the link: Work Placement Package – Clearing House Approach

Corporate Approach to Work Placements


This package deals with the corporate approach, which focuses on the autonomous initiative of various types of organisations to offer work placements to students. This is not an ideal solution. However, in the absence of cooperation between employers and universities this approach helps meet short-term interests of students to earn some money and employers to engage additional labour as well as long-term interests of students to try out the knowledge acquired at the university, to develop further some competences and to get in touch with employers, and interests of employers to assure  the development and recruitment of talents needed in the future as well as to demonstrate their social responsibility.

Download our package in the link: Work Placement Package – Corporate Approach

Suggested Case Study Readings

The following articles capturing the Work Placement practices of selected HEIs are developed based on the WEXHE project good practice case study reports prepared for and with each institution. Please go to the links below or click to the carousel images to access the content.


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