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During the lifetime of the project, following reports will be made available to the stakeholders:


  • Literature review on skills for trainers/mentors (WP3)


  • National and European Reports on work experience practice (WP3): National Reports on the practice of work experience in HE will be produced in 7 countries (Cyprus, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, UK) including 12 case studies. These reports will incorporate the review of secondary sources, semi-structured interviews’ summaries and in depth interview with the national experts.


  • Short report on the pilot survey among QA in EU (WP3)


  • Final synthetic report on work-based learning in European HE and needs analysis (WP3):  This report is the main outcome of work package 3 and will integrate national reports, the report on the survey among quality assurance agencies and EU report.


  • Report on Capacity Building activities (WP5): A general report summarising the activities and the learning from the workshops and explaining how this learning can be combined to support practice and further development


  • Reports for Policy Makers on Development of Work Experience in Higher Education (WP6): The synthesis report will make comparisons between policy developments in different countries and at European level. It will set out one or more roadmaps for policy development that has relevance for all of the countries.


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